How Missing Rhubarb Added A Home-Based Specialty Food Business To Our Lives


home-based specialty food business

What would you do if one day you discovered someone had raided your garden and took everything in sight? That happened to us one Spring morning but it was the rhubarb patch that we barely paid any attention to. So, the following Spring, my wife, Brenda, harvested all the rhubarb before anyone else could get near it.

While that may have solved part of the problem, it sort of created another one. There was a lot of rhubarb. In fact, the freezer was a pretty tight fit for anything else. Brenda made a couple of rhubarb loaves, and a crisp or two and other great rhubarb desserts. Then back to loaves. There was still a lot of rhubarb so she hit the recipe books and happened upon one for Gingered-Citrus Rhubarb Jam.

home-based specialty food businessIt was tasty. I thought Brenda could sell some at a local outdoor market and gave her the name of JamBusters! to use to sell them under. The jam was a hit. Then she added another product once the rhubarb started to disappear. That led to more sales and more products. I put up a website, and before we knew it, JamBusters! started to develop a life of its own.

Brenda got invited to vend at a couple of events, and by the Summer of 2016 we had a complete product line that included jams, jellies, chutneys, relishes and salsas. All of them created by Brenda in our home kitchen. Clearly we had a home-based specialty food business on our hands. By the Fall and Winter of 2016 we were vending as often as we could and finished the year with over 30 weekends on the road with JamBusters!

It was also generating a decent extra income.

home-based specialty food business

What turned it into a home-based specialty food business was Brenda’s knack for finding unusual recipes that combined fruit with the heat of peppers. The mixture worked in everything she made and was attracting attention wherever we vended and offering samples to try.

The experience ended up the foundation for the eBook I recently published titled, “Someone Stole Our Rhubarb: How We Started Our Home-Based Specialty Food Business.” The guide tells the story of how JamBusters! got going but shares interesting insights that can be applied to any small business.

It covers how to identify and pick a niche product to sell, how to market it effectively through the internet and other means and how to price your product. For vendors, I cover all kinds of tips and tricks to help you out and even include secrets that have made us successful on the road as well.

You can order your copy of this small business guide for $2.99 USD at Amazon.  If you have been looking for a way to add an extra income to your household and still have the freedom and time for other things, this could be your answer. Order your copy of “Someone Stole Our Rhubarb” today by clicking here.