Five Most Popular Woody Ornamentals For Small Growers

New growers who want to start growing woody ornamentals and have a limited growing area should choose species that don’t require a lot of space, yet produce enough stems to make a tidy profit per square foot. In addition, growers should look for plants that are:   Growing in popularity. Easy to grow. Produce an […]

How To Make $56,000 Growing Woody Ornamentals

  With over 100 species of woody ornamentals grown commercially, how does a new grower choose the best ones? The first step is to do a quick screen to make sure the plant you want to grow will do well in your “microclimate” of soil type, plant hardiness zone and sun exposure. To use a […]

6 Ways to Profit Growing Woody Ornamentals

  With so many profitable plant choices available to specialty crop growers, why do woody ornamentals belong on their top 10 list? Woody ornamentals, for those who are not familiar with these appealing perennial plants, are shrubs and trees with branches that are harvested and sold to florists and crafters. Woody ornamentals have colorful stems, […]

Growing Woody Ornamentals For Profit

Woody ornamentals are becoming a popular way to make a floral arrangement look even nicer. The demand for these plants is increasing every year, and some plants are in short supply. Here’s what you need to know to make money growing these profitable plants. Woody ornamentals are shrubs and trees that will grow back after […]

Top 10 FAQs About Growing Woody Ornamentals For Profit

Growing woody ornamentals is one of the best ways to turn your backyard or small acreage into a solid income growing these perennial plants. Woody ornamentals are trees and shrubs whose branches are cut and sold every year to be used for floral arrangements and crafts.  1. Why grow woody ornamentals? Unlike annual crops like […]

Starting a Woody Ornamental Business in 6 Easy Steps

Starting a woody ornamental business can be quite easy if you have a plan of action to help guide you through the steps necessary to ensure your success. Follow these steps for new growers, and you’ll have woody stems ready to harvest and sell in almost no time. 1. Before you start. Your first step […]