How Missing Rhubarb Added A Home-Based Specialty Food Business To Our Lives

  What would you do if one day you discovered someone had raided your garden and took everything in sight? That happened to us one Spring morning but it was the rhubarb patch that we barely paid any attention to. So, the following Spring, my wife, Brenda, harvested all the rhubarb before anyone else could […]


The rent-a-tree concept has become popular among growers of any crop that can be picked by customers, such as tree fruit, or nuts. Here’s how it works: A grower with an orchard of fruit or nut trees wants to sell his crop before the harvest. A customer also wants to own a future crop, while […]

Profitable Value-Added Specialty Food Products

Small specialty crop growers are finding that selling value-added food products can bring larger profits and stretch their income beyond the harvest season. Whether it’s jams and jellies to sell at the farmers market or exotic specialty foods for grocers, if you can imagine it, they will buy it! For example, vinegar, that cooking staple, […]

Earn Extra Cash Growing Trees in Your Backyard

  Starting a backyard tree nursery, or tree farming, can be a great way for gardeners to turn their green thumbs into cash. It’s also a good way to ‘bootstrap’ a few hundred dollars into a steady income from tree sales. Because the hours are flexible, growing trees is also an ideal part-time business for […]

Value-Added Plants For Profit

One of the best ways for small specialty crop growers to increase their profits is by adding value to their plants by taking an extra step beyond just selling their unprocessed harvest. Using simple value-added techniques can increase your profits by 100 to 1,000 percent! For instance, my neighbor has grown sedums for years, selling […]