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Bamboo has been called “the most useful plant in the world,” and for more than half the human race that depends on it, life would be much different without it. Throughout Asia, bamboo is prized for it’s abundance and versatility. In China, bamboo is called “friend of the people.” Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree, but a member of the grass family. Like grass, bamboo has a hollow stem and rapid growth.

While Americans have never depended on bamboo like Asians, they love to landscape with bamboo. Every year, more and more landscapers, landscape designers and homeowners are discovering the special qualities of ornamental bamboo. . This has led to higher prices, and in some places, even a shortage of quality plants.

Since bamboo is quite hardy, homeowners appreciate the low maintenance. For example, because bamboo makes it’s own anti-bacterial compounds, it rarely needs pesticides. Bamboo is also a “green” plant, capable of sequestering carbon dioxide, which can help slow climate change. In addition, bamboo increases the production of oxygen by as much as 30% more than most other plant species, which is also good for the planet. The growing trend towards using more renewable, sustainable material such as bamboo shows no sign of slowing up.

Aside from environmental reasons, landscapers love bamboo. As one pointed out,

“Bamboo can be used as a ground cover, a hedge, a screen, a stand-alone “specimen” plant or a shade plant. Plus, bamboo keeps it’s green color thru the winter. Best of all, bamboo grows fast until it reaches it’s mature size in just one season, so you get a big plant quickly, unlike trees that take years to mature.”

The $66,000 Plan

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Because bamboo is one of the most widely-used landscaping plants, there is a steady demand for popular varieties. One of the best ways to get in on the bamboo boom is with container-grown bamboo plants. Why container-grown? By growing bamboo in containers – typically 2 to 5 gallon pots – you’ll be able to grow more healthy plants in a smaller space, cut down on labor, and have a plant that is ready to load in a customer’s car quickly and easily.

So let’s do the math.

Container-grown bamboo, on average, sells for around $30
each. On just one-tenth of an acre, or 4400 square feet, you can grow about 2200 plants in 5-gallon pots. Selling 2200 plants priced at $30 each will bring in $66,000.

If you have a bit more room, say a half-acre or more, you could grow U-cut bamboo. For example, one part-time grower in Oregon sells U-cut bamboo by the foot. His business brings in over $40,000 in yearly profits working only on Saturdays. He offers several varieties so customers have a choice of color or size, ranging from tiny “Tonkin Cane” prized by fly fisherman who make their own fishing rods, to 6-inch diameter timber bamboo. Customers use the poles for fencing, furniture, crafts, flutes, wind chimes and garden art.

Growing bamboo for profit is an ideal part-time business if you have limited time, as bamboo plants, especially in containers, are low-maintenance. Unlike seasonal crops such as flowers and vegetables, you get paid even if all your plants don’t sell this year. Instead, they just keep growing, and will be more valuable next year. You can start a bamboo growing business with just a small amount of money – just enough to buy your “mother” plants that can be divided to produce more plants to sell. You don’t need a degree in horticulture either – just common sense and the ability to learn as you go.

Growing bamboo for profit

This book is perfect for me – all the basics and useful information I need to get started, but not anything unnecessary. I learned what to grow, how to set up a bamboo container nursery and who to sell to. I’m newly retired and don’t want a full-time job, so this is a perfect way for me to earn some extra income. Roger Tillman

Having a “back-up” business in your spare time is a great way to protect yourself from the ups and downs of the economy and job market. A bamboo growing business can give you a solid income working just a few hours a week. If you decide to go full-time, your income can grow as fast as your bamboo!

The best way to ensure your success is to focus on “high-value” bamboo varieties that can bring up to $150 from landscapers and homeowners looking for unique varieties that have a special quality. For example, the Black Bamboo has been called “the jewel of the bamboos” for it’s gorgeous black stems. This variety can be hard to find, which is why prices can be high. Or how about Golden Bamboo, whose stems have a tortoise shell pattern, and are prized for fishing poles and walking sticks. One grower even has a thriving sideline selling his golden bamboo walking sticks on amazon for over $45 each.

What You’ll Learn:

Each chapter covers all the basic information you need to get started growing these profitable bamboo varieties, including:

  • Best dwarf, midsize and timber bamboos to grow – 33 in all, with descriptions and photos.
  • How to start and set up your bamboo nursery – water, spacing, potting soils, containers and more.
  • How to grow and propagate bamboo.
  • Eight ways to market your bamboo.
  • Wholesale sources for hundreds of bamboo varieties & grower supplies.
  • Grower forums, organizations and videos.

Lots of good information and ideas. It’s also easy to read and understand. The list of must popular/profitable varieties was most helpful, as I had already been dividing and selling a few “ordinary” bamboos from my backyard, and wanted to take it to the next level. Maria Lucero

Growing Bamboo For Profit covers all the essentials you’ll need to take your new bamboo business from startup to profitable. You’ll find helpful information on:

  • How to pick the best varieties for your climate.
  • Marketing tips to help you sell all you can grow.
  • Value-added bamboo products to increase your profits.
  • Where to get free professional help.
  • Specialized resources for bamboo growers.

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If you decide the book is not right for you, just let us know within 60 days and you’ll get a full, prompt refund. The demand for ornamental bamboo is growing every year, so there has never been a better time to get started growing these amazing plants. Each chapter is full of useful information, helpful advice and tips to help you get succeed. In addition, a chapter of hard-to-find resources will help ensure your success.


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