How to Pick a Good Business Name

choosing a business name

Choosing a Business Name is Tough!

Choosing the right business name can be a powerful marketing tool. A poor choice can actually hurt your business if it confuses your customers.Here are four basic rules to follow in choosing the best name to use:

1. Is the name easy to pronounce, remember and spell? An example would be the word “to” in your business name, because if it’s used in a domain name for your business web site, it could be mis-spelled “two, “too” or 2.

2. Avoid trendy names, because no trend lasts forever.

3. If possible, pick a name that describes your business, such as Winslow Tree Nursery.

4. If you also have, or plan to have, a web site for your business, (And you definitely should!) and you will have local customers, try to obtain a domain name for the web site that reflects both the name of your town or region and a keyword, such as flowers or herbs, that fits what you grow and market. Here’s why.

All the search engines now focus on providing users with useful local information. Think Google Places. If someone is searching for herbs in Hamilton, Montana, the search engines naturally look for those two keywords, “herbs” and “hamilton.” If the domain name of your web site is, your business will likely be in the top search results, and you’ll have more customers, at no cost to you!

If you have an existing web site with a less-than perfect domain name, you can still register a new search engine-friendly domain name with any domain registrar, such as, and use “domain forwarding” to re-direct those prospects to your existing site.

If you could use some free help to find the perfect name for your business, visit these web sites that can produce a list of relevant names:

Don’t rush into picking a name. Take time to consider as many alternative names as you can. When the right one pops up, you’ll know it’s right. Be sure to run it by others to make sure the name is easy to pronounce, remember and spell.

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