Discover How to Start Your Own Profitable Plant Growing Business For Just a Few Hundred Dollars!


It's never too early to start growing profitable plants

It’s Never Too Early To Start Growing Profitable Plants!

Dear Fellow Gardener,

If you want to increase your income this year growing high-value specialty plants, here’s good news. You don’t need to quit your current job, or spend a lot of money to get started. In fact, growing profitable plants is one of the best ways to turn a small amount of money, as little as a few hundred dollars, into a good income, starting now.

Here’s why growing high-value specialty crops is a perfect part-time business:

  • It’s something anyone can do. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, or how old you are, or how far you got in school… you can easily do this. All you need is a growing space and a few hand tools to start.
  • You can work on your own schedule. If you can spare an hour or two a day, you can grow specialty plants.
  • You’ll be doing something you love. If you love growing plants and gardening, you’ll look forward to tending your crop and it won’t seem like work at all.
  • You can turn it into a full-time business. You can get started in your spare time, with just a small investment, and if you choose, expand it into a full-time business.
  • It’s a “low-tech” business. You don’t need expensive equipment or years of horticultural training to succeed. You can learn as you earn.

Our Grower Guides can help you start a profitable specialty crop business. To learn more, just click on any of the titles in the left column. You can also read the free articles about specialty crops by clicking on any topic, or one of the Popular Articles listed in the right column.

Some of the Great Advice You’ll Find in our Grower Guides:

microgreens farming e-book

  • Learn what microgreens are, and why they’re a hot culinary commodity.
  • Learn “3 steps to the perfect microgreen crop.”
  • Receive instructions for building the “Microbox,” which can put you in business in less than a day!

lavender farming e-book

  • Get familiar with the many high-value-added lavender products you can sell.
  • Learn how to pick the best lavender varieties for each use.
  • Tap into a booming network of lavender wholesalers and retailers.


  • Retail prices now over $16 per pound for oyster and shiitake mushrooms.
  • New “Grow Bag” indoor cultivation method triples yield.
  • Simple 5-step method is easy to learn for beginners.


  • Container grown landscaping bamboo varieties can bring up to $100 each.
  • Learn the 33 most popular bamboo varieties.
  • Sell “value-added” bamboo products to double profits.


  • Gourmet garlic varieties bring over $16 a pound, or $8 per square foot of raised bed.
  • Value-added garlic products like garlic powder, pickled garlic and braided garlic boost profits by 50-100%.
  • Discover the top 30 best varieties for small growers.


  • Mature roots currently sell for $300 to $600 a pound.
  • Demand for high quality ginseng roots expected to exceed supply for years to come.
  • How to make $5,000 yearly with just 6 backyard raised beds.

growing trees for profit e-book

  • Understand which proven moneymaking trees are right for you.
  • Get great marketing tips and advice for competing against “big-box” retailers.
  • Learn how you can grow 3,000 trees in a tiny backyard!


woody ornamentals growing e-book

  • Discover the top 22 woody ornamentals for new growers.
  • Get expert marketing strategies for farmer’s markets, florists, and more.
  • Learn the “Ten Commandments” for a successful woody ornamental nursery!


  • Grow the best tomatoes every time with an end-to-end cultivation guide.
  • Learn how to price your product for maximum profits.
  • Get indispensable marketing tips for selling to everyone from farmer’s markets to gourmet restaurants!