How Missing Rhubarb Added A Home-Based Specialty Food Business To Our Lives

  What would you do if one day you discovered someone had raided your garden and took everything in sight? That happened to us one Spring morning but it was the rhubarb patch that we barely paid any attention to. So, the following Spring, my wife, Brenda, harvested all the rhubarb before anyone else could […]

4 Ways To Pick A Good Name For Your Profitable Plant Business

One of the most important parts of your business plan is to come up with a name. It may sound easy but having the right name to call your profitable plant business will have a much greater effect on the success of your venture. Think about that for just a moment. Any of the businesses […]

Pricing For Profit – Increase Your Profits By 50% With This One Simple Step

Figuring out how much to charge for your crop can be one of the most difficult chores for new growers. The goal is to sell your crop at a price which covers the cost of production and marketing, plus a reasonable profit, as well as making sure your customers feel they paid a fair price […]

Roadside Stand Sales

For thousands of years, farmers worldwide have used some variation of the roadside stand to sell their surplus crops and related products to others. Today, the slow-moving oxcart has been replaced with a fast-moving car or truck, but the humble roadside stand still attracts customers and helps growers market their crops. Why bother? First and […]

U-Pick and U-Profit

A few years ago, Linda Van Appledoorn started Take Your Pick Flower Farm ( in upstate New York to earn some extra income. Her flower patch is only 1/2 acre of annuals and perennial flowers, but a steady stream of customers drop by from mid-May thru October to pick their own bouquets of daisies, snapdragons […]

Martha Stewart’s Marketing Tips For Growers

Martha Stewart may be best known for her cupcakes and television shows, but few people know she started her empire by baking pies and selling them at the local market. In the years since her humble entrepreneurial start, she has learned how to apply imagination and creativity to the most ordinary things to transform them […]

Always Go The Extra Mile

“You do not make money from growing a crop, you make money from satisfied customers.” Marketing pros rank customer service right up there in the top three success factors for small business, with quality and confidence. In these competitive times, running a customer-oriented business can make the difference between success and failure. Take a minute […]

How to Market Your Crops on a Shoestring – 7 Proven Ways

Selling plants on the internet Specialty crop growers are finding the internet to be fertile ground for sales of live plants and plant-based products such as crafts. For the first time in history, growers and crafters are enjoying a national marketplace instead of the traditional local craft fairs and Saturday markets that require being there […]

Give It Away! The Magic of Free Samples.

One of the most successful marketing companies in the world is Proctor & Gamble. We’ve all used their products many times, often several in the same day! We get up in the morning and brush our teeth with Crest toothpaste, shower with Pantene shampoo, shave with a Gillette razor. Then toss a Bounce sheet in […]

Here’s a Quick Way to Increase Your Profits

Would you pay $21.95 for a box of tea bags filled with dried cow manure? Lots of people do, according to Annie Haven, who grew up on her family’s cattle ranch in California. As the housing subdivisions replaced cattle ranches and farms in her area, she had a hunch those backyard gardeners might appreciate a […]