Turn $50 Into $6,000 With “Ugly” Tomatoes!

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Growing heirloom tomatoes is one of the best ways to grow profits in your garden. Tomatoes have always been the most popular vegetable in the grocery store produce department, and at farmers markets. Heirloom tomatoes are even more popular, and bring higher prices because they taste so good.

Heirloom tomatoes are easy to spot, as they look old-fashioned, not quite perfect and some varieties are just plain ugly! Most heirloom tomatoes have unusual shapes or colors, with wrinkles and blemishes not often seen in the produce aisle. But once you’ve tested the rich, wonderful flavors, you’ll be hooked.

For market growers, heirloom tomatoes can bring big profits – as much as $100 per plant – and repeat sales from customers who are eager to buy heirloom tomatoes for the taste they simply can’t find in a supermarket tomato. Growers are reporting increasing sales every year, as more and more consumers discover the taste and flavor of heirlooms. Because of this growing demand, growers are able to charge premium prices for most heirloom varieties. in fact, a recent survey of market growers found that the average price for heirloom tomatoes was double the price of conventional tomatoes! Some of the more exotic varieties – those with unusual colors, shapes or flavors – sell for up to three times the price of ordinary tomatoes.

Because heirloom tomatoes bring high prices, they can be one of the best income producers for small growers. Allowing the usual 6 square feet per plant, with an average yield of 25 pounds per plant and a price of $4 per pound, that’s over $16 per square foot of garden! Many growers find a simple “hoop house” – the affordable greenhouse – can boost yields even further, plus extending the growing season and reducing pest and disease problems.

If you’re on a tight budget, growing heirloom tomatoes could be an ideal crop, as start-up costs are low and profits start in about 3 months when the tomatoes are harvested. Spend $50 on seeds and you could harvest as much as $6,000 worth of tomatoes in short order from even a small garden. There are heirloom varieties for every climate, from Florida to Minnesota, so you can grow the best and most productive heirloom tomatoes for your area.

Karen Robinson started with just 20 heirloom tomato plants in a sunny corner of her backyard garden. That first year’s harvest – over 400 pounds of Brandywines, Green Zebras, German Johnsons and Costoluto Genovese – sold out fast, with more customers than tomatoes. She used her profits to build a small hoop house to extend her growing season,, and tripled production, to over 1,400 pounds the second year. Many are sold at the farmers market, but she finds her email list of loyal customers accounts for almost half of her sales. This year’s challenge is whether to add another hoop house to accommodate the growing demand and be able to try more heirloom varieties.

Because heirloom tomatoes do not ship well, they must be sold close to where they are grown, which fits right in with the booming “buy local , eat local” movement. This creates a huge opportunity for small local growers who can produce and sell within their own community.

Today, consumers are choosing to spend more on high-quality, local produce that is healthy, flavorful and naturally grown. They like to know who grew their food rather than buying produce http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-business-agriculture-image25162903 shipped in from far away that could contain unknown pesticides or herbicides. Using the information in Profitable Heirloom Tomatoes, you will discover how to get your share of those “educated dollars” and earn a better living on less land producing healthy food you can be proud to sell!

Here are a few of the growing and marketing secrets you’ll find in Profitable Heirloom Tomatoes:
  • Growing what sells – the most popular and profitable heirloom tomato varieties for market growers – and the top heirloom varieties for plant sales to local backyard gardeners (including two of Thomas Jefferson’s favorites.) Page 12.
  • How to get started growing heirloom tomatoes to produce twice the normal yields – from organic soil amendments to watering techniques to microclimates. Page 30.
  • Production techniques that can save time (and your back), yet improve harvest yield. Page 40.
  • Using “soil blocks” to supercharge your tomato transplants for a healthy headstart in the garden. Page 32.
  • The best “tomato training systems” for improved yield, fruit production and disease control. page 36.
  • How grafting can increase yields by up to 40%. Page 35.
  • 12 steps to successfully saving seeds for next year’s crop. Page 46.
  • Value-added tomato products to turn “cull” or damaged fruit into sauces and other food products. Page 52.
  • How to sell your heirloom tomatoes for top dollar, including the “secret” marketing method that almost guarantees you’ll get double the price for your heirlooms. It costs about a dollar, lasts for years, and educates and entertains your customers. Page 54.
  • How to sell your heirloom tomatoes to local grocers. Page 58.
  • 8 secrets of success for selling heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market. Page 57.
  • You’ve heard of wine tastings- but the same techniques work with heirloom tomatoes because of the exquisite flavors. Page 60.
  • Why local chefs and restaurants are a great place to sell heirlooms – and how to do it. Page 62.
  • Resources for heirloom tomato growers – bulk seed suppliers, best books, free university research, tomato forums to connect with other growers, videos about growing heirloom tomatoes, free hoop house plans, and much more. Page 68-79.

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Profitable Heirloom Tomatoes covers all the essentials you need to take your tomato growing business from startup to profitable. If you’re ready to get started, get your copy today. To make it profitableheirloomtomatoes-cover-optaffordable for you to get started, I’m offering the book for only $22.00.  If you decide the book is not right for you, just let me know within 60 days and you’ll get a prompt, full refund.

The market for heirloom tomatoes is thriving, and with the demand for great-tasting “real” food growing by leaps and bounds every year, there has never been a better time to get started. Best of all, you can get started growing heirloom tomatoes with just a few hundred dollars for seeds and supplies. If you’re like most, you already have the basic gardening tools, and could get started with as little as $50 for seeds.

Profitable Heirloom Tomatoes is an eBook, delivered to you as an instant download to your computer, so you can read it within minutes of placing your order. The customers for old-fashioned, great-tasting tomatoes are everywhere, and now is the time to get your share of those tasty tomato profits, whether you have a small backyard garden or acreage.


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