Good News For Micro green Growers – Oprah & Martha Stewart Love Micro greens Too!


Selling your harvest - the power of testimonials

The Power of Testimonials

Oprah’s magazine, “O” recently ran a feature article about the “mighty power of mini greens.” The article mentioned a U.S. Department of Agriculture study confirming the high levels of vitamins and minerals found in micro greens.
One example – micro cilantro – contains 11 times more lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that can reduce the risk of cataracts and age-related vision loss, than the same amount of full-grown cilantro. Other micro greens that pack a nutritional punch include micro red cabbage, which has 260 times as much beta-carotene, which also helps protect eyesight, and 40 times as much vitamin E. Micro mustard greens can add zing to any salad and are packed with vitamin C. Micro green daikon radish, with it’s spicy green leaves, can provide 150% of your daily vitamin E, and help boost your immune system.
The last micro green on Oprah’s preferred list is micro garnet amaranth, with the highest amount of vitamin K, which can help prevent bone fractures.
Martha Stewart has now joined the micro greens fan club, with a “how-to” article to encourage her readers to grow micro greens at home. Martha says,

“This winter, your kitchen can be more than just a cozy place for cooking. It could be a prime spot for growing micro greens, which can add fresh notes and extra vitamins and minerals to salads, sandwiches and savory dishes.”

One way for commercial micro green growers to profit from the growing popularity of these tiny nutritional powerhouses is to produce home micro green kits to sell at grocery stores, farmers markets and even educational kits for the classroom. Alan Yoshioka, a micro green grower on Maui, Hawaii, has taken the startup information found in my book, Growing Microgreens For Profit, to the next level, with classroom kits that use clear growing trays so kids can see the whole plant, including the roots, grow, and hydroponic kits as well. Visit his web site,, to explore the many creative ways to package growing kits to appeal to everyone from kids to moms.