How To Get Free Advertising From Local And Regional Grower Web Sites


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Pumpkins At The Farm

Many growers sign up for local and regional programs that promote local farms and growers, such as the nationally-know farm trails program based in California. Most of the programs are free, paid for by local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, local government agencies, such as economic development agencies, or by federal agencies such as the USDA’s extension service. To see what a typical national web site offers, visit

Once you’re in the program, prospective customers can find you and purchase your crop or value-added products, whether you grow fresh cut flowers, heirloom tomatoes or landscaping plants. Be sure to include as much contact information as possible, including your address, phone number, email and the URL of your web site.

To find the organizations in your area providing a finder/locator service for growers, just enter “(your county) farm map” in your favorite search engine, such as Google or Bing.

Another avenue to gain even more free exposure is to list your growing business web site in Google Plus, currently free. When someone is searching for a specific term, such as “lavender farms in Colorado,” Google will include your site, when appropriate, with expanded information and a photo in a pop-up on the search page.