Profitable Lavender Pet Care Products

lavender dog

Lavender Dog

Lavender growers have dozens of ways to boost their income from simply growing plants by creating value-added products using lavender. By taking a few simple additional steps, they can take their lavender harvest from a basic herbal commodity to valuable products that bring top dollar from consumers and high profit margins – in fact, markups of 500% to 800% are common.

For example, the market for natural personal care products, such as soaps and lotions, has grown to several billion dollars a year, as more and more health-conscious choose to go chemical free, substituting natural ingredients like lavender. A huge portion of those dollars is finding it’s way to small entrepreneurs mixing up profitable specialty products in a kitchen or garage. With over 100 million dogs and cats in the U.S., the market for specialty products for pets is booming.

There are four lavender pet products that always sell well – flea repellant,lavender pet shampoo, lavender fresh scent in a spray bottle and lavender sachet bags for pet beds.

Lavender Flea Repellant

So many commercial flea repellants use powerful chemicals that come with unwanted side effects. Lavender is a natural flea control that makes your pet smell better in addition to repelling fleas. You can make a water or oil based blend to sell. A water based blend is just distilled water and lavender essential oil in a spray bottle. By adding citronella essential oil, the blend will also be effective in repelling mosquitos.

Lavender Pet Shampoo

To test the demand for this product, buy a gallon or two of bulk unscented shampoo base and add the lavender essential oil or hydrosol. After you’ve sold all you’ve made, you can mix your own.

Lavender Pet Spray

When your pet starts smelling a little “doggy” between baths, or to discourage fleas, a quick spritz with lavender will do the trick. Either lavender essential oil or the lavender hydrosol can be used to make this profitable lavender product.

Lavender Pet Sachets

Those versatile lavender sachets are a lot like a Swiss army knife – useful for so many things! Pet sachets can be added to a pet’s bedding to give it a fresh smell and repel fleas. Use a heaping tablespoon of lavender buds in a large heat-seal organza or muslin bag. These sell best in a 3 or 4 pack. One grower takes this to the next level, with lavender pet pillows priced at $15-$25! Remind customers they can freshen the sachet by rolling it between their hands to crush the buds and release additional fragrance.

As you can see, lavender provides plenty of opportunities to produce additional profits and stretch the selling season from harvest time to year-round. These are 4 of over 20 value-added lavender products covered in detail in LAVENDER FARMING, which has instructions on how to make these profitable pet products, as well as a list of wholesale sources for materials. Click here to learn more.