Good News For Micro green Growers – Oprah & Martha Stewart Love Micro greens Too!

  Oprah’s magazine, “O” recently ran a feature article about the “mighty power of mini greens.” The article mentioned a U.S. Department of Agriculture study confirming the high levels of vitamins and minerals found in micro greens. One example – micro cilantro – contains 11 times more lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that can reduce the […]

Growing High-Value Microgreens For Profit

  Consumers nationwide are voting for local foods with their wallets, opting to seek out and buy from local producers rather than purchasing food shipped hundreds, even thousands of miles. This creates new opportunities for small growers to start or expand their business. One of the best newer crops that is ideal for local growers […]

Start An Urban Farm Growing Microgreens

  The traditional family farm is changing, as more people move to cities. According to recent census numbers, over 80 percent of Americans now live in urban areas. As urban populations grow, innovative solutions to feeding all those people are being fine-tuned on vacant city lots, in abandoned warehouses and in the basements and backyards […]

Top 10 Questions About Growing Microgreens For Profit

Growing microgreens for profit can be a great way to turn your gardening skills into a solid income from selling your microgreen crop to local grocers, individuals and restaurants. Microgreens became popular about 20 years ago, when a few trendy California chefs started growing and using them to add “bling” to their garnishes and salads. […]

How To Start a Microgreens Business

  The old saying “Small is Beautiful” certainly applies to Terry Plummer’s backyard micro green business. She grows the tiny vegetables in a hoophouse her husband built for $600, selling them to local restaurants and grocers for as much as $30 a pound. The tiny microgreens, harvested when they are just an inch or two […]