Most Profitable Garlic To Grow


profitable elephant garlic

Profitable Elephant Garlic

There are many reasons why it is a great idea to grow garlic. In fact, since there is always a demand for it, you could easily turn this hobby into a profitable little business to earn an extra income or a bit of part-time cash. First, let’s find the most profitable garlic to grow.

What has pushed garlic into the forefront as a product with very good profits is how the world of farming has changed in recent years. Traditionally farming is tough business and in some places it is not uncommon to see farmland and orchards dug up.

What has been used to fill the land and turn a better profit than what was previously been grown on that land is grapes and garlic.Another reason for the growing profitability of gourmet garlic is that cooks are discovering the exotic varieties add a new dimension to many bland dishes.

How big is your backyard?

In the case of garlic, micro farms are the wave of the future. A micro farm is essentially a specialty crop that is grown in a smaller space than a full blown orchard or grain field. Sizes differ but a typical micro farm will cover as little space as an eighth of an acre.

A micro farmer is a different kind of farmer as well. These are not the early risers who spend long hours tending to their crops. A micro farmer could be anyone you know who you would not imagine could be farming. Many business professionals dabble in micro farming as a hobby and profit turner.

What has helped in moving the micro farming movement forward is size and zoning regulations. For example, large farmland in close proximity to city limits is often re-zoned to allow for major commercial or residential development.

This has contributed to the erasure of many large plots of land. As a result, smaller plots are still available which are perfect for micro farming as the cash crops developed on these properties do not need large areas to grow. In fact, many commercial growers of gourmet garlic have plots of as little as 1/8th acre!

3 most profitable garlic varieties to grow

Three of the most profitable types of garlic to grow include Elephant garlic, purple stripe and Rocambole. Elephant garlic is not actually a garlic as it is a member of the leek family.

That being said, as a leek it contains a weaker flavor than garlic which makes it popular for a slightly different reason. Having been called a “garlic for those who don’t like garlic” has given this profitable garlic to grow an interesting profile. So much so that cooks tend to use it a lot as the flavor is milder and will not over power a dish. It’s great for roasting, for soups and stews.

Here’s the kicker: even though this is not a true garlic, it produces like one and holds prices like garlic which makes it a true contender and well worth growing in your garden or large plot in your back yard.

Here’s why you should add elephant garlic to your income portfolio: it produces well in moderate climates, is easy to grow with the right moisture content, has large bulbs, can be harvested when one-third of the leaves are brown and has a storage life of up to six months.

Profitable purple stripe garlic

Purple stripe garlic contains a sweet flavor when it is baked so it is popular in a number of oven dishes. What makes this such a favorite for consumers in that the cloves are easy to peel and that the storage life of the variety is considerable. Also, they grow to a fair size and the striped colors are attractive.

There are also a number of purple stripe varieties including Red Grain, Persian Star and Chesnok Red. What makes this one of the profitable garlics to grow is that it is easy to grow in a rich soil in a cooler climate that has a long winter.

There is an early harvest, the hot flavor makes it perfect for roasting and the bulbs are medium in size. The storage life is up to six months and the scapes must be cut in order for the plant to produce well.

The caviar of garlic varieties

Rocambole garlic has a full-bodied, savory flavor which makes it a popular choice for cooks of all skills with professionals calling on it frequently. The cloves are easy to peel and this variety can produce an excellent garlic powder. Considered the caviar of garlics, a pound of seed will produce up to 50 plants. Varieties include Spanish Roja, German Red, Killarney Red and Carpathian.

This garlic does best in cold climates and although it requires a rich soil, it is easy to grow. Expect medium to large bulbs and a mid-season harvest. These garlics will store for a shorter period of time, up to four months and the long scapes must be trimmed.

Who knew that garlic would be in such demand that even a small piece of land could be converted into a producing garlic farm? And now that you know what the most profitable garlic to grow is, you could be turning a nice income out of a growing hobby in just a matter of months.

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